In Ziqi’s collection “Copyright”, she explored the definition of US copyright law in fashion design and indicated the vagueness of design copyright law by creating an artistic form of statement through customized print design. Brands in the industry profit by repeating original content, especially using other brands’ online clothing images as inspiration. The rules of copying other’s design ideas are vague because there is no prevention of copying fashion designs in the US copyright laws while only certain patterns or prints could be protected. In order to mimic the “knockoff” phenomenon happening in the fashion industry, the goal of her collection is to delude viewers by combining the actual construction details of physical garments with digital print construction details. In other words to “Copy” “Right”, in each look, Ziqi combine half 3D physical details with half 2D printed pixelated garment details, deliberately mimicking the actions of copying processes prevalent in the fashion industry.

© Ziqi Xing