In the "YOUNG TALENTS FOR SUSTAINABLE THINKING" Exhibition at Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in 2019, I designed and constructed a dress utilizing the technique of patch-working and draping to indicate my idea sustainable fashion by reusing fabric scraps from Salvatore Ferragamo and my previous projects. My design, a patchwork dress for the competition, was selected to be exhibited in the Museum of Salvatore Ferragamo from June 2019 to March 2020 in Florence, Italy.

As a Parsons womenswear fashion design student who focusing on applying sustainable ideas on garments, I found out that I always have a lot of left-over fabric scraps that are mainly in the shape of stripes from my previous garment making processes. Thus, I decided to use the dead stock material donated by Salvatore Ferragamo and left-over fabric scraps from my previous fashion projects to construct a new dress. I cut my material in the shape of stripes and combined them into a one-piece dress utilizing the technique of patch-working and draping. Each stripe represents the waste we create in the process of garment making. Constructing them together into a new dress with my garment making technique and aesthetic gives fabric scraps a new life and indicates my practical sustainable idea which is turning dead stock fabric into a new fashion item.

PC to Marco Palermo

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